For more information on security and our sponsor, please follow the links below:

  2. MIT's Course on Computer and Network Security Fall 2003 (assignments, exams and solutions can be found here)
  3. Professor A. Kak has a great set of slides on Computer and Network Security
  4. A module on cryptography can be found here (some labs and questions)
  5. The NSA maintains a list of institutions whose courses in security have been certified
  6. Our sponsor:
  7. Steps in preparing pre and post tests (link)
  8. NIST's webcast of the 2014 Workshop on Privacy Engineering (link)
  9. Videos of The IEEE International Workshop on Security and Privacy for Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks (MWSN 2013) on June 24, 2013 can be found here
  10. Videos of The Houston Security Day (2015) on October 13, 2015 can be found here
  11. Slides on Continuous Authentication using Behavioral Biometrics - Keynote Talk at IWSPA'17